Why Choose Liquid Industrial By-Products Inc?

1. Service Oriented
Emergency response provides security 24 hours a day.
Call 1-800-396-5994

2. Contained Facility
New facility built in 1996 is totally contained with a 60-mil liner under the entire structure and bonded to the sidewalls.

3. $5,000,000 Pollution Liability Insurance
On both our facility and trucking fleet.

4. Vacuum Equipped Trailers
Pump faster than ordinary gear pumps and allow for the removal of sludge.

5. Pre-discharge Testing
After treatment every batch is tested prior to discharging. This protects you, the city’s wastewater treatment plant, and us.

6. Local West Michigan Business
We can respond quickly to any emergency involving non-hazardous liquids or sludge.
You can stop in anytime for a spot inspection.

7. Competitive Prices
Call now for a free quote!
(616) 396-5994
(800) 396-5994
Email: info@liws.net