Tank & Equipment Rental

Tank & Equipment Rental

Liquid Industrial By-Products Inc.

We have several tank storage equipment available for short-term, long term or purchase.

Frac tanks also known as fixed-axle storage tanks are large capacity steel tanks that can safely and securely store liquids or solids. Frac tanks are easily hauled to and from your site and placed where you need storage for your industrial by-product. Frac tanks can only be hauled when empty, but these tanks are equipped with fittings that allow our trucks to hook up and pumped directly from the tank. Multiple tanks can be plumbed together to create an even larger storage unit.

20,000 gallons storage
Single-day to long-term rental
Delivered to your site

Totes & drums are portable storage units holding smaller volumes that can be moved around your site with a forklift. Our vacuum trucks also carry appropriate tools to vacuum right out of these units or we can pick up these units and bring you empties to replace.

Totes: 275 gallons
Drums: 55 gallons

We also can provide trash pump & hose rentals. Trash pumps are portable pumps that are designed to pump large amounts of water. We can set up this equipment onsite for you and also can provide the labor to run them if needed for a project.