Liquid Industrial By-Products Inc.

Wastewater treatment involves the receipt of non-hazardous industrial and other oily wastewaters; which are processed in dedicated treatment tanks prior to final sewer discharge. Wastewater treatment consists of one or more of the following processes: primary, secondary, or tertiary treatment for metals precipitation, chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, coagulation, and flocculation. Solids/sludge treatment consists of phase separation, followed by liquid decanting, sedimentation, and sludge conditioning; with the final product sent to a non-hazardous landfill. Oil treatment includes phase separation, emulsion breaking, decanting, and solids sedimentation. The reclaimed oil is stored in segregated tanks until it is shipped off-site for recycling.

Provides the Safeguards

  • Strict Waste Acceptance Procedure
  • Treatability Study
  • Post Treatment Analytical
  • Michigan EGLE and Holland BPW Regulated and Inspected
  • Protect Your Company From Costly Litigation

Recycles Your Waste

  • Treated Water Recycled to Local Municipal Treatment Plant
  • Processed Oils are Refined for Reuse
  • Over 16 million gallons processed every year